June 11, 2014

28 Weeks!

Ahhhh... 28 weeks. I cannot believe I've been pregnant for 28 weeks and that in just 7 weeks, less than two months, these girls will be here. All looked so great at our dr. appt. yesterday. The girls are moving all over the place and in different positions for each ultrasound. Last time they were both vertex (head down) next to each other. Now they're still vertex but on top of each other right in the middle of my gut. It was impossible to get a picture of Baby B and Baby A's was distorted by B's arms and head lol. They're both 2 lb. 10 oz., about 15 inches long. All fluids and dopplers look fantastic and Dr. M is very happy to see how healthy everything looks.  He told me himself that he never stops worrying about Mono-Di twins, but that our girls are strong and all looks great. Phew!

We are starting to really get ready, our stock pile grows every weekend and gifts have started arriving. So far we got the stroller and the high chairs so at the very least our 6 month olds will have somewhere to sit! Their room is simply storage for baby stuff right now and probably will stay that way until they're a few months old. No super cute nursery here for them to come home to. Just a new rug and some decals on the wall that you can't even see for all the other stuff and a nice twin bassinet in Mommy and Daddy's room. I don't think they'll mind.

With 28 weeks comes new challenges, such as increasing braxton hicks (3-4/day, sporadically) being short of breath (hello tiny baby feet in my ribcage!), losing a lot of sleep due to random discomforts and adjusting to my new GD lifestyle. I'm ok with the testing 4x/day (I've actually done it a few extra times to try and find my own pattern) so far counting my carbs is working as I have only spiked above 120 twice - after my late-night snack. I will update my FIAO - GD post with more info.

C has been home from work for his last official two days off until the girls come. It's been so nice having him here. We went yesterday and opened out mortgage match account! For the next 15 months we will put $125  into a savings account and the bank will match us $4 for every dollar we save. Next September we will have $9,500 that can be used towards the down payment and closing costs on our first house! I can't wait to move, although I'm not sure how much fun it's going to be with 14 month old twins, it will definitely be time by then!

Here's to a happy and healthy 7 weeks left!

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