August 30, 2014

One Month Old!

Our baby girls are one month old today! Like every day I don't actually have time to write, there are a number of things to get done but I'm going to take a nap instead. Dad's home today early for the holiday weekend so we're going to try to get out for a walk later before it rains tomorrow. I can't believe they're already one month old. Time is absolutely flying by (and yet the hours seem to drag lol). We don't go to the doctor's again until next Friday but if they're gaining like they should be then Jules should be around 7 lbs. 8 oz. and Viv should be about 7 lbs. 2 oz. Two lbs. over their birth weights! They are the most fun we've ever had, even though we do miss sleep a little bit. We make a great team and really help each other out when it comes to the feeding/changing/sleep thing. I'm so amazed at the awesome father C is and I try to compliment him every day to let him know how much I appreciate everything he does. We are making a great team and haven't turned on each other yet (although there were some words exchanged during the 4am feeding that one night...)

It only gets better from here and we just can't wait. Happy Month Birthday girls!


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