December 30, 2014

Five Months!

It is absolutely amazing to me what a difference one month can make in the life of a baby. A month ago my girls were wobbly and squishy, mostly mute and stone-faced and very much still like their newborn selves. Now we have genuine infants on our hands.

They are holding up their heads completely, pushing up and almost over when on their bellies, babbling, smiling and laughing constantly. They're curious and investigating everything. They recognize not only our voices but our faces and look for us when in a room of other people. They're sturdy and able to be carried on a hip without feeling like they're going to fly out of your arms. They have reversed their positions on sleep - now Jules fights it and Viv just passes out when less than a month ago they were opposite.

They're getting closer and closer to rolling over, twisting and turning but not quite there yet without some help. Viv is quieter but trying to sit up every time we sit her down and loves to push up with her feet on any surface. Jules is our talker, constantly babbling and exploring octaves with her voice. She's a little less active, preferring to play with her hands and feet rather than the toys around her. They really enjoy listening to music and Viv can often be caught bopping her head from side to side while Jules will fall asleep to anything we play. Regrettably they already love watching TV (especially football games!) so we're trying to limit that already.

They are chewing on EVERYTHING. Toys, hands, feet, clothes, me and dad and each other. They have noticed each other a few times but never at the same time so we're still waiting for that realization of that's not my reflection that's my sister! They hold hands all the time, especially while nursing or sleeping together.

They are over 12 lbs. and over 24 inches. We have almost completely transitioned out of 0-3 month clothes (major sad face) and are finally out of preemie socks.

Month five was filled with lots of firsts including their first Christmas and lots of family gatherings at Aunt Kate's, Great Nana's, Nova's and Papa-T's plus one here at home with Dad's family. The girls met Santa and had their pictures taken and then did some Christmas shopping and wrapping presents. CJ and I had our first night out so they enjoyed their first time being babysat at night by their wonderful Nova. We hit our first sleep regression last week after almost two months of sleeping through the night. We spent a week at Mom's old job at the daycare and had so much fun making new friends. We baked our first cake for Daddy's birthday and had our first birthday celebration as a family.  We also had our very first real colds a few weeks ago with runny noses, slightly elevated temps and all around cranky babies. On a sad note we received confirmation that our Juliette will in fact have surgery on her stubborn right kidney next month so month six will have one very unique first that we're not really looking forward to. In two weeks we have our appointment with the Developmental Pediatrician and we're excited to hear what they have to say as I'm pretty sure they're right on track for their adjusted age of 17 weeks tomorrow.

As we end the most exciting and life-changing year of our lives I am reflecting on how much has changed and how happy we truly are. I had no idea anything was even missing from my life until these beauties graced us with their presence. A year ago I didn't even know there were two of them. I am so incredibly excited for the next year, to be able to observe and celebrate all of their big firsts with them and to hold their hands as they grow. Happy New Year everyone.


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