February 1, 2015

Six Months!

We're six months old!! Happy Half Birthday to my Little Leos! What a whirlwind the past six months have been, I can hardly believe it. The last month has been amazing as they are really growing into their personalities and becoming little people.

They have grown soooo much in the last six months it's hard to believe the little peanuts they started out as. Juliette is exactly 13 lbs., 25 inches long. Vivienne is 13 lbs. 2 oz. and 25.5 inches long. We always thought Jules would be our bigger girl but Viv has surpassed her and shows no signs of stopping!

We had our developmental pediatrician appointment and the girls are developing right on schedule with their adjusted age if not a little more quickly. They were so impressed with them and so happy with their progress. We got the go ahead to start solid food and the girls had their first taste of sweet potatoes right at 6 months. They weren't so sure at first but after a few bites they were gumming it and loving it!

The end of the month was a little more trying as we had Juliette's surgery to repair her hydronephrosis of her right kidney. It wasn't a great time but she did fantastic and is healing really well. We are so happy that we can finally put this battle behind us and move on.

We had lots more firsts this month too! Vivienne was the first to roll over, first belly to back and then back to belly. She seems to enjoy the latter much more and now proceeds to get stuck on her belly whenever she decides to roll rather than trying to roll back over. She can reach for toys and push herself up too just waiting for her to figure out how to go back over! Jules has very little interest in rolling but I don't think it's a delay, I'm pretty sure she just doesn't want to yet!

We celebrated our first New Years Eve with them, although they slept through the ball dropping they did wake up just about an hour later to celebrate with us. 

We both have two teeth coming in! Viv's first one popped in the middle of the month and the second a few days ago. Jules' two front teeth decided to pop through the day of her surgery which I guess was a blessing as she was already dosed up on some pretty heavy pain meds! They love chewing on soft toys and fingers!

We went on our first shopping trip as a family to Target and of course they had so much fun cooing and smiling at all the new people we saw. We made sure they weren't touched to avoid catching any bugs but people just love looking at them and asking questions about them. I love how they seem to brighten anyone's day just by their presence!

They had their first real time away from Mom and Dad on January 2nd as we went out to dinner with friends and they spent the evening with Aunt Lisa and Uncle John. Then Viv had her first overnight with GiGi and Jama while we were in the hospital with Jules. They're such angels for other people and they both did so great.

Sleep has been sparse this month what with finishing up the four month sleep regression, teething and now the six month growth spurt. We have completely regressed and they are now back in our room in their rock and plays and eventually both end up in our bed as they marathon feed through the night. It's starting to wear on me but I know it's only temporary and to be honest after the surgery I am just so happy to have them both home and healthy that I don't mind the wake-ups. I originally thought Viv was going to be our tough sleeper but since they flip flopped Juliette has proven she definitely inherited my penchant for insomnia. We are lucky to get three straight hours out of her at night and this usually doesn't happen until after 11pm. After that she is up every hour or so to eat and rarely naps for longer than 25 minutes three times a day. I know she's not getting enough sleep but she fights it so hard and when it finally does happen the slightest thing can disrupt it. I'm talking changes in air pressure or the sound of a cat meowing two rooms over. There is no getting her back down once she's up and I would be thoroughly frustrated if I could not completely relate to her. This is what I've done my whole life. Viv wakes up and can be soothed back to sleep but it's never for much longer. Thanks Mom for cursing me with the whole "I hope you end up with TWO children just like yourself." I did. Karma is a bitch. Good thing I'm ok with rolling with it. I learned quickly that I can't force them to do anything in terms of sleep or a schedule and I don't really want to push them to go against their natural instinct just yet. Sleep can wait, they're only little for so long.

Life has been such a roller coaster since we found out about them, almost exactly a year ago. We wouldn't trade these sleepless nights or teething days for anything in the world. Those smiles and laughs make it all worth it!

Here's to another happy and joyous six months! I just hope it doesn't fly by so fast!


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