March 31, 2015

Eight Months!

These beauties have officially been out in the world as long as they were in my belly. We took a look at our first ultrasound photo last night and just can't get over how far they've come!

As you can see we learned how to sit up this month! They aren't doing it themselves yet but they quickly got the hang of holding their balance, reaching in front of them and using their arms to prop themselves up if they start to topple. This makes playtime so much more fun. We're finally getting a chance to use the playnests that Papa T bought them too which makes getting chores done around the house easier for me.

They're both working on their second and third set of teeth, Viv's front two are ready to pop through any day now and Jules' gums are just bulging red beasts. Their amber necklaces are definitely helping as did the breastmilk popsicles and our array of teethers!

Sleep has been better this month thankfully. One night last week we just decided to separate them and tried an extremely modified form of graduated extinction which you can read more about in my upcoming post on our adventures in sleep with twins. Since we're all getting more sleep they have been so happy and joyful while awake. They even wake up smiling rather than crying as they have for such a long time!

This month was pretty uneventful but we did get a chance to get outside for some walks, tried lots of new foods and celebrated my grandmother's birthday with our family. Juliette had a rough start to the month when she developed a UTI but it's been treated and we go back to the urologist next week to make sure everything has healed well and hopefully we can be done with this hydronephrosis once and for all!

Their little personalities are really starting to shine. Vivienne is a wild child and she is going to give us hell once she's mobile. She won't sit still for a second, especially after nursing when she is just itching to jump off the pillow and go play. She loves blowing raspberries and sticking her tongue out and almost everything makes her laugh these days. Juliette is a more laid back, more of an observer than a doer. Where Viv will reach out and take anything you offer her, Jules prefers to investigate and examine. It's tough to get a laugh out of Jules and people often call her so serious but I think she's just quieter and more thoughtful. I am loving getting to know them and noticing the little differences that make them unique.

I'm starting to think about their first birthday party and we're looking forward to a great summer of road trips. We're already planning on going to Syracuse for the 4th of July and the Poconos with my college friends for the weekend of July 13th. This is going to be the best summer ever!


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