August 31, 2015

Taking A Break

Hopefully this is only temporary but I'll be taking a break from writing any new posts for about a week or two. I have two almost ready to post so they'll go up soon but other than that I won't be writing for a bit.

I feel like a kid getting ready to go back to school. The boy I'll be babysitting starts next Tuesday and while I know it will be great I am somewhat mourning my time with just me and the girls. So I am taking this week to enjoy all the time I can with them. I am not stepping away from the computer entirely, I am also working on repairing my ailing family tree. I messed it up royally last year doing a merge and sync and it's a nightmare right now. I haven't felt good about that in a while but I've obviously had other things on my plate. I am taking the next few weeks to finish reorganizing it so I'll hopefully be able to get back to researching again once the winter starts, in whatever off time I happen to have outside of blogging.

Be back soon! Not that anyone is really reading! :)


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