May 30, 2015

Ten Months!

Well our babies are growing up!

We had a great month full of visits with family and friends, trying tons of new foods and having tons of fun outside.

This month Vivienne learned how to crawl, they both learned how to sit up and get down on their own, they're pulling up on the tables and couch too! Viv learned how to stand in her crib too so we had to lower the mattresses. That was quite the surprise for me when I peaked in to check on them and found her standing tall and smiling proud!
I'm so not ready for this! 

We learned how to clap, Jules is babbling all the time and even saying Mama (although I'm not calling it her first word until she says it and really means it). Viv is following suit finally in the last week but her favorite is babababa!

Sleep has been up and down all month as some nights they sleep through and others they are up several times. Jules has started having nightmares which breaks my heart. Luckily she is able to be calmed with a snuggle and kisses and sometimes nursing but she goes right back to sleep after.

Vivienne now has EIGHT teeth and Jules is right behind her with six!

Jules' favorite foods are peaches, pears, peas, carrots and cheese. Viv's are blueberries, raspberries, chicken, green beans and asparagus. They both love yogurt, turkey, avocado and apple sauce. We tried pickles, hamburger, pasta, meatballs, eggplant, pizza, zucchini, pancakes, sausage, bacon, black beans, pinto beans and chickpeas. They love trying new foods! We are still nursing 5 times a day and at least once at night too.

They each weigh just over 16 lbs. and are about 27 inches tall.

There was one not so fun part of our month when Jules spiked a really high (almost 105) fever overnight one night that resulted in a rush to the ER. Because she has Hydronephrosis any time she has a fever she needs to have a catheter urinalysis to rule out a UTI. So after that and a blood draw we were really hoping it was something else. I never thought I'd hope my child had an ear infection or some other sickness, but in this case I just pray it wasn't another UTI. It wasn't, turns out she had Roseola! She's all better now and was quite wonderful through the whole thing despite not feeling great!

We had our first dinner out with Daddy's family at Wolf's 1-11 and the girls did fantastic! They loved all the attention and had so much fun!

My first Mother's Day was absolutely perfect. Daddy got up with the girls and had a beautiful photo book made for me as well as a gift certificate to a spa!  I spent the day with my own Mom and sister and then came home for lots of snuggle time with the girls that made me a mama.

It was a great month! Now we're on to planning a first birthday party! Still can't believe it!


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