July 22, 2015

What We Did Last Week (Week of 7/13/15)

We were a bit busy this week what with recovering from our vacation and unpacking and then of course party planning on top of it. We spent all day Thursday out shopping and on Friday and Saturday we helped my aunt with her garage sale - I swear some people bought things just to ogle the identical twins. But we still fit some fun in of course!

Nature and Outside Time

We took a few walks, had a picnic outside Thursday night with cousin Jillian, Aunt Kate and Abbie.

Sensory and Exploration

I've been moving things around and trying to keep them from getting bored with the same old stuff. Our play area is a MESS after last week with me not really caring about keeping it organized with all the chaos of getting ready to go. I finally got around to organizing it this weekend but I kept them out of it a lot last week. I moved their magnet letters to the front door and to a floor lamp where they could bang them and make different sounds.

We tried rolling balls down tubes but didn't have any that fit well so we settled for the car tunnel we were gifted. It worked but they couldn't figure out what happened to the ball after we dropped it in as it had too many drops and turns and they lost interest. I'm trying to get my hands on a bigger tube for more success soon. Instead we ended up just rolling the balls in the tunnel and then watching Willow swat them under the couch!

Music, Movement and Games

We listened to some stories this week on Spotify including Animal Stories playlist and the Once Upon a Time list too.  I also played the playlist my sister and I made for our road trips that's full of Glee, Rent and acoustic covers and mash-ups. I'm determined to make them like showtunes I guess.

We did tunnel time this week again and it's taken on a whole new element with both of them having mastered crawling! They now crawl in and out over and over, bumping into and crawling over each other, play peek-a-boo on either end and love it when I make it shake or lift it up over their heads. This is by far the most fun age yet!

We have a new favorite game in the house! It is called "Remove Every Item from Everywhere and Leave a Huge Mess." It's one of my favorite games... said no mother ever. Yeah, it's a pain, but they have a blast so I just let them do it and then have them "help" me clean it up. So far we've mastered emptying every toy bin I have stashed around the house, the lower cabinets in the kitchen and the drawers in all our rooms, our book basket and, most fun of all, the clean laundry basket.

Favorite Toys

Anything they can pull out of a basket, drawer or cabinet
Plastic Balls - banging, rolling and dropping them
Light switches - We never really got to explore these when they were littler but now I can hold one at a door and not worry about the other one crying and they've mastered the flip!

Favorite Books

We are loving the new Touch and Feel Wild Animals and Touch and Feel Jungle Animals books we got from the animal park while on vacation!

Viv stole my pizza, figured it was time they try their own!

New Foods

Pizza crust, tomatoes, cottage cheese

We're looking forward to their party this weekend and I'm sure this week will be another busy one planning and preparing for that but hopefully we'll have some fun too!


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