July 14, 2015

What We Did Last Week (Week of 7/6/15)

I spent a lot of this week getting ready for our trip and luckily Daddy was home Wednesday to keep the girls occupied! We still had a great week though!

Nature and Outside Time

So a few weeks ago we had a little incident while we were trying to figure out our bathtime situation (we don't have a tub) and we discovered they hate the shower. I was surprised to see this carried fear on into pool time - they flipped out when they saw the pool even though they've been in it like 6 times!  Luckily by just letting them explore and touch the water they slowly decided on their own to get in and had a blast both times we did it! Great way to beat the heat too!

Sensory and Exploration

They had about 40 minutes straight of fun this week with my scarves! They played peek-a-boo about a thousand times, traded, laid on them, pulled them and balled them up and more. I hung them from the bed and had them pull them down little by little then hid them under the bed and had them pull them out.

 They had their first spaghetti this week! They've had tons of pasta but we usually don't have spaghetti (we're partial to gemelli and rotini here) so this was a treat and they had a blast playing with it and of course eating it too!

I put out a bin of their animal toys this week for them to explore and have fun with. They seemed to enjoy taking them all out and chewing on them!

Music, Movement and Games 

Jules is dancing all over the place so I'm trying to pay attention to what she prefers to move to and so far she is not a fan of country (super sad face) but loves Hanson and Frozen so major mom win there. She also seems to have a thing for the random adult contemporary station we play in our kitchen for the cats. Sometimes I leave it on when we're in there and she's always bopping along in her high chair to Fleetwood Mac or Sheryl Crow. We also listened to our Parenting Love Songs playlist a bunch.

Movement this week was all about cruising around the tables and chairs so I've started placing objects that slide easily but they can also grab like cups, lids and books. They weren't so into it this week and preferred to just cruise and crawl so we'll try again next week.

Chase is quickly becoming a popular game in the house as well as escape - from everywhere! They're climbing up on their stools and pushing over gates, figuring out how to open and close doors and I feel like soon enough they're going to be using each other to get out of the cribs!

Favorite Toys 

Their picture book - They LOVE this thing. It was so easy to put together and they get so much fun out of it, just flipping through and chewing on it of course.
Stacking cups - ever the winner in our house! They still play with these things all the time.
Cabinet doors - open, close, open, close, open, empty, close, open, close, open, close and so on.
Anything that makes a sound when they shake it - rattles, shakers, peek a boo blocks, stuffed animals, bags, box of crayons, cards and game pieces etc.

Favorite books 

It's been all Peek-a-Boo all the time lately (it's seriously the only book they will sit for) with kisses galore for all those beautiful babies pictured. Don't ask me why the first people who get kisses from my kids are pictures of random stranger's babies but I like to think they're just really loving girls...

New Foods

Spaghetti, plums, cannelloni beans, watermelon, donuts (this past weekend on vacation and just a plain one! I'm not ready for the sugar high of a frosted or glazed donut yet)

I wrote most of this before I left for vacation and just wanted to update quick but I'm so beat. So I'll be back later this week with all the details of our fabulous weekend!


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