September 24, 2015

What We've Been Up To!

Jules isn't miserable, she smiled just before and after this pic I swear.

I did monthly posts for their entire first year but now I'll settle down and do semi-annual (maybe tri-annual?) updates on my little ladies who are getting so big! It's been a whirlwind few weeks and if it weren't for my camera I don't know if I'd even remember half of what we've been doing. The girls are doing so many things, communicating more, playing and growing up a little more each day.

Jules took her first steps tonight! Viv took hers last week but hasn't since so we don't have walkers yet, thankfully, but we're so close! I don't know what I'll do then!  I always tell people I'm not encouraging it, but what I mean is I'm not rushing it since my life will be that march harder. But it's not like I'm discouraging them - I'm just letting them figure it out. And they are!

After weeks of cruising on everything, crawling faster than I can run and climbing more and more they finally started standing up on their own for like 25 seconds but would never move a muscle! It was so fun watching them figure out that whole balance thing we all take for granted! I've never really walked them and they've never used a walker so I was interested to see how it would happen. Jules had a stuffed animal in each hand and was just standing there like always when I reached out to her. She started to fall forward but instead took a step, then another one and then dropped the animals and knelt to the floor. That was it, but it was awesome!

I could really see the logic in her eyes - figuring out that she couldn't just fall as her hands were full. It was like her body took over from there because and she's been practicing that movement with climbing and cruising she knew what to do without holding on for the first time.

They are climbing and standing on everything (SO grateful for the climber so I can redirect them to a safe place to do it) but the couch standing is killing me. They now try to climb up the back of the couch by standing on their rocking chairs. They're gonna be the death of me.

Best. Gift. Ever.
They conquered their fear of the grass and are now everywhere. Thank goodness for the playyard so I get a break when I'm so done chasing them around but don't want to go inside. They love to explore the yard, watch the shadows of the trees on the grass and chase balls. They discovered tonight that they could climb up the cellar door so now I have to block that off somehow since it's like 90 years old and gross. Jules hates the feeling of the concrete on her knees so she crawls on her feet and Viv loves getting dirty and scratching at the ground.

Having R here has been great for the girls as they now to have someone to watch and interact with other than each other. They're talking all the time although they only really say a or sign a few words, it's mostly just a lot of sounds and noises. Jules discovered how to flip her lip with her finger and Viv's favorite thing to do is blow raspberries so that's fun! They both say Daddy, Mama, ca (for cat), ba for ball and, super randomly, teeth. They sign more, milk, eat and all done. They've recently started pointing at objects and things when I say the words. They know the meaning of no but mostly they just note the change in my tone of voice. I only say no when they do something I really don't want them to do, like stand on their chairs or push each other.

Willow Pillow (coined by Jillian) and Jules - BFFs

 One of my favorite parts of having a big kid here is that I'm coming up with lots more play ideas that I can modify for them. They are playing SO much now and unless they're tired or hungry will play independently for nearly an hour without any intervention from me. Our new play space definitely contributes to this, as well as the fact that they have a huge yes space spanning the living room and play area so they are free to roam and explore without me needing to be right on top of them. They have just started really playing "together" as much as 1 year olds do - it's mostly side-by-side play but they are interacting (even if it's just exchanging a toy back and forth) and make each other laugh all the time. Today I heard them them giggling and looked out from the kitchen and they're in the tent, both laying on their bellies banging blocks together just laughing at the sound. This is by far the best thing about having twins - built in best friend and a play date that never ends. Sure in a few months they'll be driving each other nuts but right now it's awesome.

They are still nursing 4-5 times a day along with eating 3 meals and a snack after their afternoon nap. We've officially hit the picky toddler stage and they are testing their tastes, declining certain foods and refusing to try new foods. Luckily their favorite foods are super healthy broccoli, peas, cauliflower, avocado and almost all fruit. They have put their feet down about no carrots, squash or zucchini but are finally eating chicken and meat, but only if I put spaghetti sauce on it. Like their mom they would survive on cheese and crackers if I let them but I'll take what I can get right now and just keep offering them everything!

We now have our PM snack on the living room floor 'cuz why not? Just don't tell Daddy!
Viv has 12 teeth and Jules has 11. No cuspids (fangs) yet and I'm not looking forward to those coming in as I hear they're even worse than molars. I'm working on a post about my favorite teething remedies so look for that next week! They both hit 30 inches last month so it was time to trade in our infant seats and upgrade (post coming about that too!) and they weigh just about 19 lbs. each.

Like always time is flying by and I can't believe they're already almost 14 months old. What's even crazier is my sister was born when I was their age and I have SO much admiration for my own mother right now as I can't imagine having a newborn right now! We will be having a new addition in a few months though as I'll be taking in my nephew, Zack who is due in February, when my sister goes back to work. I can't wait to see how the girls do as big cousins!



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Love this blog... Love you!

Aunt Debz said...

You are simply amazing!! I love reading these!! So informative for parents, and just fun for far away family!! Thank you for sharing !! Love you all bunches!!! (lol... love love love willow pillow!!)