July 16, 2014

33 Weeks!

Excellent appointment this week at Dr. M. Girls are between 4 lbs 4 oz. and 4 and a half lbs. He is having a really hard time getting accurate measurements as they are very much running out of room!

I had a Non-Stress Test after my appointment because I explained that I wasn't feeling Baby B as much as I thought I should. Their heartbeats were great, they were both super active and although I had a few Braxton Hicks they said those were nothing to worry about. My sugars have been excellent as well. And the nurse told me that we were very lucky to have had quite the "uneventful" twin pregnancy! I feel very blessed.  It's getting hard to walk, sit or stand for very long and I'm up to two naps a day despite not doing anything. Sleeping is getting a little ridiculous, but I'm so thankful for my snoogle pillow which allows me to get at least a few hours of comfortable rest.  All in all it's just a typical twin pregnancy! 

Happy, Happy birthday to my Mom today. We went out to dinner to celebrate and once again I ate too much. Too much being about half of what I would have eaten a few months ago. I am so running out of room in there!  Just going to spend the next two weeks enjoying the peace and quiet, resting as much as I can and keeping these babies in as long as I can. Bets are coming in and a lot of people seem to think I won't make it one more week but I'm determined to have Leo babies so I hope will go until at least the 22nd! I had a feeling I might go on the 16th in honor of their Nova's birthday but so far nothing! Fingers crossed for a great two weeks!


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