July 24, 2014

34 Weeks!

In less than one week we will officially be parents.

Wow is really all either of us can say these days. Although we've had nearly 8 months to prepare I don't think it really hit until this week that there will be two new tiny humans living with us. Our tiny humans. It's so bizarre for me to think about. I always wanted to be a mom and knew I would someday but I had no idea it would happen like this. I'm not like those twin moms who swear they had been praying for twins since 3rd grade or who even *just knew* there were two babies in there. Six months ago I laid on a table and just hoped to see a heartbeat and five minutes later there it was, our insta-family.

I started this blog with the aim of documenting my mono-di twin pregnancy, our journey into parenthood and life with identical twins. I thought I would have written more about the actual pregnancy but it's been so uneventful (although there are still three as yet unpublished posts about my visit to labor and delivery, our experience with the choroid plexus cysts and Baby A's kidney). I just hope I keep writing after they are here. I have a tendency to start things and then quickly forget about them when something more interesting comes along. I've started 3 other blogs, began writing 2 novels and read only four books in 2014 that are all 1/3 of the way finished. I also glamorize the idea of reliving memories but so rarely do it. I'm horrible at keeping a journal, remembering to take pictures of special moments and documenting important events. Hopefully this blog will make it easier for me to capture the memories while I work through the ups and downs of multiple parenthood.

Anyway, I can officially say the sleep deprivation might begin early for me. Although I am so exhausted I am also too anxious to fall asleep before two most nights. I keep reading I should be stocking up on sleep but I've never been able to get a good night before something changes. Every first day of school, job interview, even vacation I am lucky to get an hour or two in the night before. I knew the day I found out that I probably wouldn't sleep for the week before my due date. At least I get plenty of rest doing nothing all day!

We had our last appointments with Dr. M and Dr. K today and they are both thrilled. My second Non-stress test went beautifully. The girls measured about 5 lbs. each and Dr. M says they should be about 5 lbs. 6 oz. on Wednesday when we go in. Dr. K said this means they may not need to leave us. I've been preparing the whole time for at least a week of NICU time so to have them with us and come home with us would be amazing. I'm still not thrilled about delivering at 35 weeks but at this point I'm just ready to be done and I know they will be fine!

For now, we are enjoying our last few days of peace and quiet, talking a lot about those first few weeks at home, running diaper changing and bottle making trial runs. Their room is pretty much done and the house is ready as it will ever be. We're happy and ready and cannot wait to meet our girls!