August 13, 2014

We're home!!!

Today was a big day in our house and our lives as we finally welcomed our baby girls home after two weeks in the NICU. What an amazing feeling it is to have my girls here! 

Here we are busting out of the NICU and my Viv giving a little wave goodbye to some of our favorite nurses.

 When we got home their big brother Boots aka Boodah was eager to greet them. All he did was sniff around and then quickly lose interest as they started to fuss.Willow was more scarce but she warmed up as the night wore on.

Ahhh.. relaxing for the first time next to each other in the coming home outfits their grandmother, Nova, bought for them. They just look more relaxed and zen being at home!

And finally all settled in for our first night (ok well 2-3 hour stretch of sleep) at home. They are such noisy little sleepers and they keep trying to roll on to their sides since that's how they slept in the NICU. Not at all terrifying!

What an amazing day. It's been a trying two weeks. I am grateful for the chance to heal completely. I had my follow up appointment with Dr. K today and had my steri strips removed. He said everything looks great. I feel good, much better than I did a week and a half ago when we would have brought them home if they didn't need the NICU. We feel pretty prepared and are ready to tackle this parenting thing head on. I gotta admit, them being so darn cute helps a lot!  I might not be able to write as much as I'd like now that they're here but I will try my best to keep up. And so we begin our journey as an insta-family!


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