March 2, 2015

Seven Months!

If February had a 30th day then my baby girls would have been seven months old on it. Since it doesn't, we celebrated today. I can't believe they're closer to being one year old than they are to the day they were born!  They just get more and more fun and precious each month that passes.

February was an... interesting month. It was one of little sleep, teething, Jules healing from her surgery and having her stent removed and Mama getting her annual case of the winter blues (along with my first visit from Aunt Flo since getting pregnant 15 months ago). February also ushered in Mental Leap 5 which turned our whole world upside down as the girls sleep actually got worse than it was last month and separation anxiety reared its ugly head. However, as the leap comes to a close we are now all rolling over both ways, pushing up on our hands and rocking, scooting our knees under us (Viv is like thisclose to actually scooting) and sitting up for 1 to 2 minutes unassisted. Our first two teeth each are up and so adorable to see peaking out from their big grins.

Jules is absolutely loving solid foods - her favorites are homemade steel cut oats with banana, sweet potatoes and carrots. Viv is a little less enthusiastic about it all but when she feels like it her favorites are sweet peas and green beans - night and day these identical twins are, night and day! We are only offering them once or twice a day and not even every day yet as I want their primary source of nutrition to be milk as long as I can.

Sleep is slowly returning to our home, just not really at night yet, unless it's a slumber party in our bed. There they can sleep for hours straight. In their cribs we're lucky to get a good 4 hour stretch from 11 to 3 and then they're up all night after nursing every other hour. Days are getting better though - for the third day in a row Viv has had 3 solid fantastic naps, Jules is averaging two out of three. We're still getting in an early evening nap which I'm pretty sure is messing with their bedtime (some nights they're up until 11!) but without it they would be in bed at 530 or 6 and Dad doesn't get home until 515 so that's not going to work for us! We sleep in until 9 so ideally I would love them to go down at 8 and get up at 8 or 9 and follow the 2-3-4 schedule but they can barely make it two hours between naps at this point. I'm just going with their flow and hoping at some point they realize that nighttime is for sleeping!

I hate winter with a passion (I know, why do I live in Upstate NY?!). I hate driving in snow and the cold is like a knife in my heart. We've got a ton of snow and I had visions of taking them out in it but sadly it has been SO cold that we haven't been able to go outside unless we really have to like to doctor's or to visit someone. I've also got a touch of seasonal affective disorder so I've been feeling a little lower than usual and not too kind with my words to my poor husband. He is an angel for putting up with me and taking such fantastic care of all of us girls. He still gets up every single night with them so that I can sleep - despite the fact that he works so hard during the day too. He's amazing. Hopefully March will warm up and allow us to all get outside and get a nice healthy dose of sunshine so Mama can feel better.  Because of the cold we didn't do much this month at all aside from dinner at my Dad's on Valentine's day and at my Aunt's last Saturday. The most memorable thing we did this month was make our first craft project for Daddy for Valentine's day!  Oh but I FINALLY ordered prints of all the pictures we've taken in the last six months - 1,212 (for only $54 @snapfish!) of them to be exact. And that's not even all of them I just had to draw a line somewhere. I'm having fun organizing them and getting ready to send them to our relatives.

So here's hoping the cold goes away and with it the tears when mama walks away. Looking forward to the return of the warmth and sunshine and so many memories being made with my beauties. It's unfathomable to me that the next one of these posts will be 8 months... goosebumps!


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