September 14, 2015

It's been too long so here's an update!

I'm back! Well, at the very least, I'm writing something new tonight so we'll see how it goes! I wanted to do a few updates on us!

I wrote last May about how I left my beloved job at the daycare with no plans of going back due to the twins. I have missed working but loved being home with the girls and I really could not afford to go back anyways as I would have paid almost as much as I made, just to watch my own kids.

The idea of working somewhere else and putting them in daycare killed me but I was willing to do it until I started calling around for openings for them. No one I would have sent them to had any infant spots and I was told by one place that they never have two infant spots open and if they did it would be months before the waiting list got to me. Another place had a job opening and spots for the girls but would only offer a 10% discount on one child after 6 months. I would have taken home around $300 a month and, to me, that was not worth the hassle of getting the three of us up and out the door by 8am every day, not to mention missing out on that time with my girls while focusing on my work.

So last summer I finally started looking in to taking in kids. In NYS I can legally watch two children who are not related to me without a license. I put ads on all the local mom swap groups and was contacted by no less than 5 infant parents. I gave serious thought to this but I had to turn them all down - I don't think I could handle the girls and a baby, even one close to their age. I honestly don't know how some of my twin mom friends with newborns are doing it right now - they're amazing! I decided to start with one  child over a year old and see how it goes.

Luckily a wonderful family found my ad and I started watching their 3 year old son R last week. He's awesome. Like, really cool, funny and so sweet. He reminds me a ton of the boy I nannied years ago. He's got a lot of energy but also likes to just relax and play too, as long as you're willing to answer his questions! He makes me laugh and the girls just love him. After only a day or two I could tell he was adjusting to them and has quickly learned what might make them cry (a sound we all share a dislike for) and he's learning the best ways to handle things like them taking a toy or being in his way.

Marble painting over a tape resist letter R -one of my all time faves!
I am loving having someone to plan activities for and to really play with - not to mention talk to! My bff Liz was over a few weeks ago and commented on how much I talk all day - but to myself. I narrate everything, ask questions, sing songs, yadda yadda - all day long and up until a few weeks ago they couldn't have cared less! They were all blank stares and straight up cold shoulder. I was not nearly as interesting as that cup over there. Now I actually have someone to have conversations with! And they're way better with a 3 year old than with some co-worker I might not even like. Of course I miss my daycare peeps, although talking with a some of them was like talking with a 3 year old sometimes (are you reading this one Bri?!)

Our nature walk haul from this morning!

I didn't realize how much I missed just going on nature walks, painting, coloring, using playdough and using real sensory bins - it's like little bits of therapy or meditation throughout the day for me! Sure, I can do some stuff with the girls but R really gets into it and I don't feel like I'm just avoiding doing chores anymore! The house may be messier and more cluttered but I'm "working!" CJ is catching on though so my days of using this excuse are numbered.

Yogurt painting with two one year olds - not the same.

I was so incredibly anxious about starting this but I'm really glad I did. It's helpful that he's 3 and the girls are generally easier (though you might want to ask me again in a few weeks when they're walking). We go for walks or do free play then he and I do activities while they sleep, which I then modify for them to use while he rests in the afternoon. It's really been a great experience so far and even CJ says he likes having another little dude around to chat with in the morning!

I do want to update our journeys with sleep, how we're growing and what we're doing, what we've been playing lately and some new recipes I've tried so those posts are in the works!  I hope you enjoyed the end of your summer and are as excited about Fall as we are!


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