October 21, 2015

Because I have nothing better to write about here's some pics of the girls!

I have the worst case of writer's block.

I have six "really ok" blogs ready to be tweaked and published but I hate all of them every time I read them. I don't know why. They're fine but every time I go back and get ready to post them I can't imagine hitting publish. They're just not that great. Or they're too long. Or a disorganized mess of thoughts with no point. I just don't like them.

It's like when you start to hate the sound of your own voice, you know?

Life has been busy - happily and wonderfully busy, but for the first time in my life I'm not able to stay up all night writing and wake up at 6am well rested. So we go to bed at like 10:30 now. And still wake up tired. We're old. And there's officially not enough hours in the day.

At least we're getting lots of snuggles lately from these two little love bugs.

I am elbow deep in family history stuff right now and I really want to focus on that for a bit. There is so much awesomeness that needs to be documented and digitized and I can't just let it sit in piles taking up space anymore. My mom gave me some amazing albums of my great grandmother's family. Then my Dad gave me an incredible family history written by my grandmother plus some really important original documents that I've been searching for for years. All of that plus the family history letter and file I received last summer and my desire to participate in a genealogy do-over has me totally overwhelmed.

It's hard and boring but so necessary. I have a goal to make something of it all for my grandmother that I've put off for years and I'm determined to accomplish it this year. 

Also, this is my favorite time of year to spend looking for dead people graves of relatives. Because fall + cemeteries = the best way to spend a Sunday afternoon.

CJ got a great new job. He's happy. It's hard work but he loves the challenge and doesn't miss retail one bit. And the best part is that he's home on Saturdays for the first time since we have been together, aside from when we were both unemployed. Yay for family time! Last weekend we went to the pumpkin patch at Liberty Ridge Farm with Papa T, Aunt Kate, Uncle Justin and Jillian. It was awesome.

Our little red wagon from Grandpa Charlie was fantastic to have! It fit 3 kids and 3 pumpkins at one point with room to spare. What a great gift!

We've been doing some super fun stuff at home too. I love having a big kid around to do activities with and then modifying them for the girls. We're exploring painting, chalk and markers, getting into new textures like play dough and shaving cream and the fall sensory bins have been a big hit all around.

We are also taking in all the fall sights during our outside play. The girls are just as into the colors (and the squirrels!) as we are. 

One of our favorite adventures was visiting Queen Mab's Enchanted City in Troy a few weeks ago. A street festival of all things steampunk and magical there was so much for them to look at and enjoy. We can't wait to go back next year when the girls can dress as fairies and run around!

Jules is walking almost all the time now. Thank god she hasn't mastered it yet so she's much slower for the time being. Viv is getting there too but she can crawl so fast I don't know if she'll ever pick walking! They mastered going up and down stairs in one try at my mom's last week so good to know they can do that now too! They also had their first real bath in a real bathtub. I know, I know, at 14 months old, really?? I have a post in the works on how we bathe two babies with no bathtub. Maybe it'll get published someday.

They're using forks and spoons much of the time. Meals are still a total mess but now we have the added benefit of hoping they don't poke their own eyes out. Funny story: they stopped eating about 2 weeks ago. Flat out refused to eat anything other than grapes, pasta with sauce, cheese and crackers. Whatever, that's pretty much my diet too. I kept offering vegs but they just picked them over. One night I handed them a fork with a piece of broccoli on it. They ate it all, with the fork. And have ever since, as long as I give them a fork. They even spoon feed themselves soup, yogurt and applesauce. Uh, weren't they just babies?!

They're growing up so fast but are finally getting to that point when they're "so much fun" like all the veteran twin moms tell me. And it really is SO fun.

Someday I'll write something worthwhile again but until then photo heavy updates it is - they are my most popular posts anyway!


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