February 7, 2016

Keeping Traditions Alive: Our First Sick Bowl

Happy Superbowl Sunday! We don't really watch football anymore since cutting out cable but we're using our antenna to get the game because what else are you going to do after a dreadful sick-filled Sunday?  Also, did you happen to catch a Giants game this season? From what I hear, I'm kind of glad we missed them.

Anyway, while I'm battling a super fun cold and pretty much down for the count (thankfully I can still type!) we also fought another nasty little war today: toddler puke. Clearly I won't go into too much detail but suffice to say we got to initiate the family tradition (at least in mine) of quickly choosing the best receptacle to contain the worst mess ever (seriously it's like toddlers try to get it everywhere). We designated it forever more the sick bowl before cleaning and sanitizing it and hiding it under the sink for the next use. Which will hopefully not be for a very long time. Although I have a sinking feeling it will be sooner.

Yes, we keep our sick bowls. If you don't then good for you but bad for your food storage since you obviously cannot reuse it after for anything else other than sick! Mine growing up was a nice, deep, green tupperware container. Tonight we opted for the wide but shallow popcorn bowl. RIP popcorn bowl. Dad chose wisely since we never use it anymore and it served it's job well and will hopefully last us a while.

Ugh, ok I'm grossing myself out now.

You can just tell it's been a fun day. CJ is a champ though, I even got a nap in!
But my poor Viv. It might be post nasal drip or a bug or it might be a side effect of the vaccinations she received on Friday. She hasn't kept much down all day. If it continues after 24 hours I'll call the Dr. but she's otherwise fine so I'm not worried.

Meanwhile we are scarred for life after our first and second bouts with this freaking mess. I am absolutely dreading her being sick in the mega-crib tonight since we'll have to get them both up, clean everything and and I'll nurse them before trying to lay them back down. They will likely end up in a pack and play or my bed tonight so I can clean while they go back to sleep. And I know it'll be an hour long process at least. We've never really dealt with truly sick babies in our last 18 months so I'm scared! But hey, at least we'll get to cross a few new parenting experiences off our list in one day. Bright side, right?

In other news, they finally broke 20 lbs! And at about 31.5 inches each they're officially on the growth curve for the first time in their lives. The Doctor is super happy with their size and says they seem healthy - since she could barely get close enough to look at them. Apparently no amount of gentle talking to and reminders or role-playing will prepare an 18 month old for the Doctor. They lost their damn minds as soon as they spotted the stethoscope.  I'm pretty sure Jules' traumatic experiences trigger her and Viv just goes along for the ride. I'm praying the next visit is better otherwise I worry our lovely nurses and PA, JoAnn, won't let us back!

Keep us in your thoughts tonight since I seriously need a good night sleep to feel better myself and send healing vibes so my girl feels better too!


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