June 4, 2014

27 Weeks!

I haven't done a bump pic in a month so I thought it was time. Truth is I really didn't feel like I got much bigger since my last pic but looking tonight I definitely have!

The girls were 2 lbs. each at my 26 week appointment last Tuesday so they should be closer to 2 1/2 now if they're growing on track. I've gained 26 lbs. At my appointment on Monday I learned they are both head down! That definitely explains all the movement I've been feeling and feeling like I've "dropped" all of a sudden. Dr. K says they're just happy hanging out though so no worries yet. 28 weeks is our next major milestone but 27 is a big deal too! Really just furthest we get from 24 weeks the better we feel. Dr. K also confirmed I will deliver on July 30 (35 weeks), as per the practice policy for Mono-Di twins. Fingers crossed we make it that far!

I am definitely so happy I'm not working. Financially it's a little scary but we're ok and every day it gets harder to stand, sit, get up, bend over (which I was told I should avoid at all costs) etc. I can't  believe how little I'm getting done at home and it's just wiping me out - I can't imagine what I would be doing at the daycare! Today I napped with the cat after I took a shower. It was wonderful and I more than made up for it sorting through and organizing boxes all afternoon. Then my wonderful parents bought us a kitchen table. It's exactly what we need and we love it!

I have a few things I need to write about but my 30th birthday is Saturday so I've been trying to get my house all organized and ready for people. Tomorrow I hope to actual work on the photo wall for our living room that I've been meaning to get to for months! I hope my back and hips cooperate.


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Georgia Cooper said...

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