July 10, 2014

32 Weeks!

I can't believe we've only got 3 weeks left before our little girls are here!! This pregnancy has absolutely flown by. It's helped that it's been a dream of a pregnancy. I feel truly blessed that I have had such an easy time, especially considering there's two of them in there! I have only gained 32 lbs. as of last Thursday, I never had a lick of morning sickness nor any of the complications that usually arise with multiples. I'm still up and moving about and able to finish all the prep work. I feel fantastic and have since day one. Naturally I'm tired but I've given up caffeine completely the whole pregnancy (with the exception of a few 1/2 cups here and there while I was still working) after drinking at least 3 cups a day pre-pregnancy. I don't have the hip problems or back problems or swelling yet that so many women have to deal with as early as the 2nd trimester. The girls always look great aside from the CPC scare and Baby A's distended kidney which our MFM is convinced will fix itself. Although I did develop gestational diabetes it has been easy to manage by just watching what I eat and counting carbs. I am truly one of the lucky ones and I know it. Now I laugh when people ask if we'll have more... all I can think is why would I want to jinx myself? I've had the perfect pregnancy with TWINS, I'm sure next time around I won't be so lucky!

We're working on middle names now, finishing up the nursery prep and getting all of the baby gear organized. I washed and prepped all my cloth diapers this week (which is easily becoming an addiction for me!! I need to start earning more money to support my habit)! The house is getting in shape really well, although we still have a few things to get rid of to make room. Today I was able to guilt my landlord into giving me a new dryer by having a mini panic attack when he suggested I would be responsible for repairs when it broke. It's been going for a while and last night it just stopped getting hot. He said it wasn't his to fix, as per the lease. I actually said, "You can't tell me I'm going to have two babies here in 3 weeks and no dryer. I absolutely refuse to pay what we pay for rent if that's the case." I think he realized that it was not smart to mess with an expecting mama!

Our Doctor's appts have all been fantastic. Dr. K checked to see if I was dilated (I'm not, yay!) last week as Baby A is really low. He said she could go at any time so to take it as easy as I can and keep my eyes out for any signs of labor. Dr. M is thrilled with their sizes and fluids and even he can't believe that we're already at the 32 week mark. We have officially made it into the green zone! That means 100% viability if I go and minimal NICU time for the girls (he said 3-4 weeks max at 32 weeks and it goes down weekly from here on out). I'm getting so excited! I just can't wait to see what they look like and to hear them!


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