July 25, 2014

FIAO 1.3 - Transporting The Twins

We got our carseats and strollers at the shower and I finally got around to getting them all out of the boxes. The stroller we chose - Graco Fast Action Fold Double - was pretty easy to put together and I was surprised at how light it is. I have a hard time opening it but I'm not trying too hard while I'm pregnant. I also worry about how hard it is to get the seats in when I'm by myself but again, not stressing it too much right now. All in all I'm pleased with it, although a little worried it won't fit through a lot of doors!  People say it's generally not a problem but we will see just how practical it is.

The carseats are great, super light and easy to install and adjust. I have quite a bit of carseat knowledge and C has none but he was able to figure out how to adjust the straps and it's super easy to use (just click and go) so I have faith he will get it. We haven't installed the bases in our cars yet I'm getting on him to do that tomorrow though.

I am a little plastic wary of the equipment, probably because I drive a japanese car that just breaks so easily so I don't have a lot of faith in plastic. It just seems like everything is that cheapy type of plastic, but what did I expect when looking for something budget friendly. I have no doubt they will keep our girls safe and that the stroller will at least enable me to leave the house at some point.

We still need to get mirrors for the backseats but I'm looking online for those.

One thing is for sure - that first drive home is going to be one of the most terrifying moments of our lives! C joked that he will drive less than 50 on the highway and flip out on any asshole drivers. I feel safe in his car so hopefully there are no issues with our first few rides!

Final review of our choices coming up after we've had a chance to use everything a few times!


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