September 15, 2014

Four weeks home!

Juliette and Vivienne have been home for four weeks and I really can't believe it. It's been a whirlwind 28 mostly wonderful days with a few difficult ones peppered in. Some nights have been unbearable but majority have been pretty damn good considering there's two of them. I'm having so much fun getting to know them, figuring out what works and what doesn't and learning their little quirks. It's amazing how their personalities are so different from each other already. They are gaining weight like crazy too. At our last appointment when they were 5 weeks 2 days they Jules was 7 lbs. 11 oz and Viv was 7 lbs. 5 oz.

Example A - Viv. So serious and just a few hours old
I've had several people tell me they think Vivienne is an old soul because that girl can throw some seriously interesting looks. From day one her expressions have caused many to comment on how serious and pensive she is. See Exapmle A - from the day she was born. It's in her eyes. They are piercing and you feel like she's really trying to see everything. Her eyebrows are a sight as well, especially when she's trying to figure something out. Poor girl will probably have wrinkles before she's 30. There's something about that face that makes you think she holds all the secrets of the universe and she's learned quite a few lessons. An "old soul," as they say.

It's kind of funny, after four weeks home I don't see it like that anymore. I look at her and I see a new soul. Fresh, young and inquisitive as all hell. She's brand new and trying desperately to soak things in and explore. I think she's going to be my "why?" child, much like DC, a little boy I took care of years ago.

I think she will be chatty, curious, playful and spirited. She is unpredictable in her fits but easily calmed, unless she gets too worked up of course. She keeps us guessing on what she really needs/wants as well, just randomly deciding to start the saddest little cry just to stop a few minutes later and throw us a look like, ha, fooled ya, I'm good. She's already what I call funny and makes me laugh daily.

Example B - Jules. Cool as a cucumber 10 days old
Now Jules. People don't know what to make of her yet. She does funny things with her hands rather than her face. Always covering her hand with her finger or making her own version of The Thinker. I don't know if she's an old soul but she's definitely got some secrets. She's... been around the block, for lack of better wording. Sometimes she reminds me of a contented kitten, maybe even our girl Willow. She has a smile like the cheshire cat and her happy face is pristine, calm and cool. So far she's easy going for the most part. She can chill out, relax and take a back seat, usually sleeping. Don't let that fool you though. She sleeps deep but she wakes with the sun and the time she is awake is purposeful (right now it's only when she's hungry or wants to be held or changed). As a result she is downright ferocious when she gets going. Her fits are what we call incessant. She can wail like a broken record until her needs are met and then she's fine once she has it.

I think she will be smart and sensible but raise hell when she has to. I see her as being more observant and maybe shy, but charismatic, outgoing with the right people and a person people love to know. She will be tender and a good friend. She already gives the best hugs, even at just 6 weeks.

Life With Twins - 6 Weeks In:

I don't know their cries yet. I never know who's crying when they wake up for a feeding unless they're in the living room with me. I thought I would figure it out by now but they have literally the same cry sometimes. It's so confusing, It's super fun though, especially when they decide to tag team you, taking turns wailing for a few minutes each. Their best show by far is the tandem screaming session that usually precedes a restless nap and a difficult feeding time. This happens at least once a day, usually at night, we're not sure why. For the most part they're content but man will they let you know when they're not.

Being exhausted is a given but it's also an understatement. No matter how much sleep we get (usually 5-6 hours each unless they don't sleep) caring for twins is seriously a full-time job for me and C does everything as soon as he gets home from work until he goes to bed. This is a whole new kind of tired. It's not just a lack of sleep. This is serious hard work, keeping two tiny humans alive at once. You feel it in your eyes when they wake you up at 3 am and sometimes you might wake up horribly guilty realizing you actually slept through them crying (luckily C did not.. but still). You couldn't help it. You're just so. damn. tired.

It's ok to let the little things go. Even though my days are busy I'm not getting anything else done. I can barely complete any task not related to twin care, no matter how much they sleep. Case in point, I started this post on Sept. 10 and I am just finishing it on September 15th. There is always someone to tend to, or something to be washed or pumping to be done. It's a never ending cycle of need fulfillment and my needs are not very high on the list anymore. I'm letting things go for now and that's quite alright with my tired brain and body.

They are totally unpredictable.  I read what I wrote about Jules and as I type she is proving me wrong while she wails on and on for what seems like nothing. Maybe she just wanted to be put down in the bouncy chair? Or maybe she needs to be swaddled and held? Now they're both going and it's not time to eat for another 2 hours. We are learning that every day is just a guessing game of who needs what when and for how long. Don't overfeed them, overstimulate them or let them get overtired and you should be fine. Please let us know when you figure out how to do this.

Example C - Loving our playmat after a tummy time session
Newborns really do sleep a ton. I've just started getting awake time and even now it's not every day. They don't mind tummy time yet and actually have started seeking each other out when they're laying down together. Or at least it seems that way to me when they stick their arms straight out and clock each other in the face. Any time not spent sleeping is usually spent screaming and eating but hopefully we'll get some real playtime soon. If for no other reason than they look absolutely adorable when they do it. See Example C.

Four weeks home and we're only getting started. There's so much to learn but we're doing it. One step at a time we are figuring it all out and I am loving every day of it.

I hope to write again before another two weeks passes but we will see. By the time they're 5 I should be able to write at least once a week right?


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