September 30, 2014

Two Months Old!

My beautiful babies are two months old today! What a wild two months it has been. I am just now discovering the fault of their early arrival - dealing with adjusted age. Part of me hates it. I hate that only one of them has just smiled for the first time tonight. I hate that they're still very much like newborns, from their sleep and eating habits to their floppiness. You see, even though they are technically nine weeks old tomorrow, they are still only four weeks old physically and cognitively. Typically around six weeks babies are offering parents a social smile, sleeping for longer periods and becoming more alert and aware. Around two months they may start to roll or reach for things, which mine have zero interest in. They still have jerky, disorganized movements and they're not really making sounds other than crying and grunting. Like I said, part of me hates this. The other part though is relishing the fact that my babies are staying little for a bit longer. I missed out on two weeks of that newborn time at home so I feel like we're a bit lucky that we get them in this phase longer than we would have had they been born full-term. Once again these beauties have taught me to appreciate the blessings in disguise.

We did get a smile out of Miss Jules tonight, her little gift to her Nova who came to visit and then for her dad after a satisfying bottle of milk. I haven't caught it yet but I don't mind, I know it will come when she's ready. That's the thing with this adjusted age stuff. Technically we shouldn't be seeing smiles for another two weeks, so it's going to be an interesting ride following their milestones which could occur at any time. The time frame is just different for them. They could be "ahead", "delayed" or spot on. We just have to let them dictate their own time frames.  And I will keep holding out for that gorgeous smile to happen for mama.

I have to say, CJ hates these pictures. He thinks the girls look like chubby monsters. I see the beautiful fattening effects of mama's milk that I am working exceptionally hard for to make sure they have the best as often as we can!

Happy 2 months baby girls!


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