November 1, 2014

First Halloween!

While I was pregnant I spent all sorts of time googling ideas for the girls' first Halloween costumes. There are seriously so many cute twin costumes out there. But then we realized that although they would be 3 months old, we live in upstate NY where it is usually pretty chilly on Halloween. Also, we weren't sure if we would even be doing anything so I didn't think I should waste money on costumes or supplies to make some. Then about a week before Halloween my Dad invited us up to his apartment complex where my niece trick or treats. The office there throws a Halloween get together and the weather wasn't looking too cold. Of course. And now it was too late for me to get anything or make something. Then I remembered my Aunt had bought the girls these adorable duck jackets. I remember thinking they would be great costumes when we got them. I put them in white onesies and their orangey pink leggings and booties added some yellow hats and mittens and voila, instant little ducklings. We headed up to my dad's for pictures and trick or treating with my parents, my sister and her boyfriend and my niece Jillian who was the most adorable Grateful Dead Dancing Bear this year.

The girls did great, letting my parents feed them while I ate dinner and they sat in the stroller all bundled up while we walked and Jillian trick or treated. It was more symbolic than anything obviously but we got some adorable pictures!

Can't wait until next year when our little ones will be able to walk and talk and participate in the fun!

And no, we were not those parents who walk around getting candy for their infants. I eat enough with pumping all day, I don't need all that in my house!

So I hope you enjoy the pics of my girls and that you had a very Happy Halloween!


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