November 30, 2014

Four Months!

Every month with these girls just gets better and better than the last. They are smiling all the time, especially when they wake up or when Daddy gets home from work. We are sleeping mostly through the night, sometimes 8 hours straight, although that has changed since we hit the biggest milestone yet for both the girls and mom - we started nursing full time! Just after turning 3 months Juliette decided that maybe Viv was on to something and her milk might just be better fresh from the source and she now latches and feeds like a pro.  We are able to tandem feed with the My Breast Friend Twin nursing pillow that I scored at a second hand sale for just $20. Feedings go so fast now, with much less spit up and almost no screaming fits that happened after they sucked down a bottle too fast to feel full immediately. They take their time and decide when they're full and still feedings rarely take longer than 20 minutes. And I cannot say enough how nice it is to not have to pump all day (or wash bottles and pump parts all night)! We can officially "dreamfeed" which means everyone is sleeping more. I am so happy to have this accomplishment under our belts!

Our fourth month was also full of lots of other new experiences. The girls had their first Halloween and got to go trick or treating with cousin Jillian. They went to their first birthday party as Jillian turned 3 on November 10th. We had some shopping trips with Aunt Kate and Nova and our first solo outings to Target and Wal-Mart with Mom. Then we had our first Thanksgiving at Uncle Kevin's house and got to spend time with the whole family and meet tons of Papa T's extended family at their very first family reunion. It was a super busy and fun filled month and we can't wait to see what the next will bring!


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