December 5, 2014

FIAO 4.5 - Healthy Twins, Happy Family - Four Month Check-up

We had our four month check up and immunizations today. Juliette is 11 lbs. 10 oz, 24 in. long and Vivienne is 11 lbs. 8 oz., 24.25 in long. They have almost tripled their birth weights and are developing beautifully. Our PA, Joanne, is thrilled with their size and strength. She was so happy that I am now able to breastfeed and so proud that I kept with the pumping until it worked for us.

The girls were angels for Joanne like always and everyone in the office is starting to recognize us. We find out later in the month about Juliette's kidney so we talked a bit about that and then they had their immunizations. We are so lucky their reactions have been mild. They are always sleepy but no fevers yet or any tears from the pain. I even did a little Christmas shopping tonight and C stayed home with them. We are having Christmas with his family on Sunday so I picked up all their gifts, just photos of the girls with them from the blessing. We're not doing anything too big this year as funds are tight.

We cleared out the dining room almost completely so after the get together I'm going to start setting up my "lil' daycare", as we're calling it. If nothing else it will be the girls' playroom as they're quickly outgrowing our tiny living room!

I can't believe the next time we go back for a check-up they will be six months old!

It's been amazing so far!


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