April 30, 2015

Nine Months!

We have hit the magical time in a new baby's life when they become "real" as I like to call it. It's been an amazing few weeks as Juliette and Vivienne are discovering their world, themselves and each other more and more every day. They are eating almost anything we offer them, getting around in their own crazy ways and our sleep journey is on the up and up (you will never catch me saying it's going well. ever.). I can't believe it but we are well on our way to having twin toddlers!

Vivienne got all four of her top teeth this month, has learned to army crawl and roll pretty much anywhere she needs to go so the baby proofing is underway tomorrow. Jules has two more teeth on top and the other two are working their way down. She doesn't move around as much as Viv but she's fast when she wants to be. The changing table has been turned into a shelf as it's downright dangerous to put them up there.Normally this is the time when other parents are really pushing the crawling. We're not. I am absolutely dreading the day they are truly mobile. Sure, I challenge them but I'm definitely not encouraging them to learn how to move any faster than they are ready for.

They have discovered how to bang toys together and on the table, are constantly pulling things out of each others hands are always making sounds and are so observant, loving and silly at times, giving kisses and hugs. They aren't using consonants yet but I swear they say hello sometimes. We're getting close to waving, blowing kisses and clapping hands. Our favorite toys this month were the balls, cups, new silver teething rings, exploration boxes, shakers and playing hide and seek with a blanket.

We tried so many new foods this month I doubt I could even recall all of them. The big win was five days of peanut butter on a toast finger with no reactions. Whoo hoo! I know an allergy can develop anytime but so far so good! They are loving that as well as yogurt, asparagus, snap peas, carrots, squash, sweet potatoes, avocado, pancakes and puffs.

We spent so much time outside in the last week and they absolutely love it. We have taken lots of walks in our new stroller, had a picnic at the park and spend most afternoons in the backyard.

Jules had an ultrasound on the 7th and it showed that her kidney is healing nicely. We learned that it may never go back to full functionality but that it has much improved with the surgery. Thank god.

I swore I'd make it all 12 months doing the same type of photo collage for comparison sake but guess what? These girls are impossible to pose anymore. They don't sit still, will barely look at the camera and when they do smile it's while their heads are whipping around to the next best thing. I am loving every minute of it (until they're mobile of course!)

Happy 3/4 of a Year My Loves!


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