May 5, 2015

What We Did Last Week (Week of 4/30/15)

Well it's not Sunday but it's Tuesday so close enough.

Last week was a great week with the girls. As they get more mobile and, let's be honest, fun, our days are spent laughing, exploring and learning rather than just the old routine of eat, sleep, diaper. Here were some of our favorite activities from last week:

Nature and Outside Time

We spent some time outside almost every day. I love our backyard, even though we're smack in the middle of a small city and sandwiched by busy streets we have a huge yard for our area surrounded by trees and flowers that bloom at all different times. Every spring we get to watch a gorgeous magnolia tree blossom and daffodils sprinkle our yard. There's so much to look at and the girls soak it all in. Once the daffodils started wilting I didn't feel guilty uprooting one so they could look at, smell and touch (and of course try to eat!) it. We went for lots of walks, had a picnic in the park (well, I had a granola bar and coffee and they had cheerios) and looked for hummingbirds in Nova's backyard. They're not crawling yet so for now it's pretty chill. The most frustrating part of going out with them? Jules will barely put anything green I try to give her to eat in her mouth but has no problem eating every grain of grass and flower we come across.

Exploration Boxes

I tried out some different household objects this week including some fake flowers, a scarf and ribbon as well as a wooden letter, stacking blocks, a ball and their new teething rings. They didn't really get what to do with the scarf and they just wanted to eat the flowers and the ribbon so we're going to save those for later. Instead they really enjoyed trying to catch the ball as it slipped away from them, banging the letters against the blocks and dumping the whole thing out. We also did another (better than last time) ball sensory bin ala Learn, Play, Imagine with our new TMNT balls and bouncy balls!

Music, Movement and Games

Mama was feeling nostalgic so we listened to a lot of Disney songs this week and danced to some of my favorites like the Into The Woods soundtrack, The Lion King and Let It Go. We practiced crawling and rolling by hooking some teethers to links and dragging them in front of them to follow. We did some pull-ups at the couch and with the push-walker we have and are starting to rehearse getting down from the couch and bed safely because they just want to go go go.

They loved Row, Row Your Boat this week and ever since they both learned how to roll we do that old rhyme, "There were five in the bed and the little one said, 'roll over, roll over' so they all rolled over and one fell out!" while I take turns rolling them. We also played did lots of flying with Blast Off (a version Laurie Berkner's Rocket Ship Run).

They are loving playing peek-a-boo/hide and seek with blankets and laugh hysterically when I cover them up together or watching each other get covered.


They are so funny with bubbles. They have no idea what to make of them or do but they know it's hilarious when Mom takes a deep breath and then all these things start floating in the air. I need to invest in better ones or make my own solution because the $2 ones from Rite Aid are awful.

Our Favorite Toys This Week

Balls - They are loving clacking two plastic balls together lately. I think they realized their hands are finally big enough to hold a ball in each one so that's their go-to toy right now. Jules likes to toss them around (I'm not sure if it's on purpose yet or not) and then lunge for them too. They loved the ball sensory bin too.

Sophie the Giraffe - Jules is in the thick of getting her next two top teeth and we received the world-renowned and beloved Sophie as a gift from their Nova (my mom). I thought this toy was totally hyped up but it's great! She loves chewing the legs and happily nommed on it while we were out to eat.

Sterling Silver Teething Ring - These things are amazing. My amazing Aunt Jude found them after remembering her kids loved to chew on her Tiffany bracelets. I don't know what they do to their gums but they will chew on them foreverrr! They remind me of the door knockers in Labyrinth when they both just leave it hanging in their mouths.

Rattles - They haven't played with rattles much since they first started grasping toys but since learning that they can shake anything they are loving them! Most specifically the Noggin Sticks, probably because they can also bang them on the table and make a couple different sounds.

Our Favorite Books This Week

I have got to get to the library. Our book collection is ridiculously sad with only about 25 books, and a lot of them are too old (long) for them. However I did find the books I picked up for them from the $1 Spot at Target for Christmas last year. I knew they were too young for them but turns out they're great. They're just board books but we read a few each day and they seemed to enjoy them. Two are versions of fairy tales: Beauty and The Beast and The Ugly Duckling. The others are about animal sounds and exploring the world and the ocean.

It was a great week!


This week we are spending more time exploring food and eating more since they had a great weekend of trying tons of new foods. As a result we're doing tons of things in the kitchen and of course spending time outside. I hope to get them in the pool soon as well as to the park!


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