May 21, 2015

100 Things About Me for My 100th Post!

What a big week this is for me and my little blog. This is officially my 100th post! I never thought I'd make it this far and I'm so happy I finally found a way to enjoy my love for writing and share my thoughts with the world (or the 20 or so people who stumble upon this in a week).
I also found out that I got approved to be listed on Top Mommy Bloggers! I am so excited! See that badge over on the right side? Click on it every time you visit to help increase my ranking! I'm still trying to figure out all the logistics of this whole blogging thing (including how to customize my page, use affiliate links and get more followers) but for now I'm just happy that someone thought I was good enough to be counted among some of my own favorite bloggers! Shameless plug time! If you like what you see then click the picture <<<<< or the badge to the right and help me out!

And now on to the real reason for this post. In honor of hitting my 100th post and sticking to this for over a year I thought I'd share some more information about me! I could only come up with 50 so far *hangs head in shame but then realizes that my life is insane and I'm lucky to have come up with that many* so without further ado here's Part 1 of My 100 Things!

1. I have super long eyelashes and stick straight hair that are both dark brown.
2. I have a lazy eye. For real. People say they don't notice it but I don't see how that's possible since I see it every time I look in the mirror.
3. I have a phobia of pipes in the ceiling, specifically in basements or bathrooms above me. I will not use a bathroom if the drop ceiling is missing a tile.
4. I believe in astrology. I believe I am a true Gemini and that CJ (Sagittarius) and I, as opposite star signs, are meant to balance each other out.
5. I hated my name until I was 18 and went away to college where I decided to own it. Now I love it.
6. I seem to be capable of only having one best friend that I throw everything in to rather than a bunch of friends.
7. I have a sister without whom I would be lost. We hated each other until about 6 years ago though.
8. I love to play Assassin's Creed on Xbox. My favorite is Revolution.
9. My parents split up when I was 21. It was a better late than never, stay-together-for-the-kids situation.
10. On the last day of my junior year I threw a gym lock at my ex-boyfriend's ex-girlfriend for calling me names in gym. She tried to hit me and I got rescued by a big guy while people cheered for me.
11. I have 20 first cousins. I wish I was closer with more of them.
12. I stopped believing in the Catholic "God" almost instantly after we began attending church.
13. I was a Nanny for three years for a widow and her two young children and it was the best experience of my life until I had kids of my own.
14. I have two cats named Boots and Willow but I miss my yorkie Libby so much all the time.
15. I was dead set on naming my daughter Ella until I got pregnant with twins and instantly hated it.
16. My engagement ring is a family heirloom from 1936 given to CJ's great grandmother Mary Rita Lyter by her beau Bernard Spahn.
17. I love to research family history and have traced parts of our families back all the way to Quebec in the 1750s.
18.  My favorite way to pass time is to drive around blaring loud music, singing along and smoking cigarettes. Unfortunately real life has made it so I haven't been able to do that in years.
19. When I was 17 I thought I had borderline personality disorder. Turns out I just had teen angst and had watched Girl, Interrupted one too many times.
20. Sometimes when I hear a really loud bang outside I will think it is the T-Rex from Jurassic Park and look for water rippling in my glass.
21. I threw a puppy off my back balcony when I was three years old. I distinctly remember wondering what would happen to him, and myself, if I did it and doing it anyway.
22. In third grade I told a Jewish girl who was making fun of me that it was no wonder my people did what they did to her people. I still have no idea what I meant by "my" people and am horrified and sad when I think about it.
23. I used to love to read but ever since getting pregnant a year and a half ago I've only read half of two books.
24. My favorite authors are Jodi Picoult, Jennifer Weiner and Stephen King. I loved the Hunger Games and am going to start the Dark Tower series if I ever get around to reading again.
25. My favorite color has been blue for as long as I can remember.
26. I got my first crush when I was nine and liked the same boy until I was 19 and finally realized we were better off as friends anyway.
27. I have started writing four novels in the last 15 years and have yet to get past chapter one.
28. I used to be such an insane worrier to the point where that I could induce a panic attack over thinking about something that would likely never happen. I got tired of living that way so I stopped and life is better.
29. People always think my sister is the older one because she's always been taller and then she went and had a baby before I did.
30. I was six months pregnant for my 30th birthday.
31. I was obsessed with Hanson. Not BSB. Not NSync. Hanson all the way. Especially Taylor.
32. I stole and "altered" a poem from a girl I was friends with online way back in the Diary-X days and posted it to my own journal. She handed me my ass over it and basically "unfriended" me. I deserved it.
33. My parents "made up" my name when they fell in love with the name Megan but hated the nickname Meg thanks to a girl they worked with at their sub shop. They thought Maigen would guarantee no one would ever call me Meg. Guess what my own sister calls me?
34. I'm horribly two faced and love telling other people's secrets. I've been better for a while but I still get the urge to be a drama llama from time to time.
35. I don't know how to dive into water or swim very well without plugging my nose.
36. I went to Ireland for a week when I was 19 with my first crush (see #26) and one of my oldest childhood friends. I still can't believe my dad let me to to Europe with two guys. It was one of my favorite times ever.
37. I used to worry so much about my mom dying that I wore one of her rings every day to school to be close to her. I lost it one day and thought it was the end of the world. A boy in my class found it outside and I kissed him I was so happy. It was mortifying for both of us.
38. I hate when people don't turn right on red.
39. I have a birthmark on my shoulder that used to be bright red and obvious but has faded to almost nothing. It hurts like a bitch when someone so much as taps it and when I was five I was stung by a bee on it. I thought I would die from the pain and am deathly afraid of bees because of it.
40. I told people I was allergic to anything I didn't want to eat when I was little including bacon, blueberries, orange juice, chicken wings and gatorade.
41. I want to write children's books but have no idea where to start in terms of illustration.
42. I lost my first tooth at Disney World biting into a hot dog. I spit it out thinking it was a rock and didn't realize until my mother asked where the heck my tooth went.
43. I am terrified of the dentist but only since a few years ago when I had my wisdom teeth and two molars pulled by a sadist at Aspen Dental.
44. My boy cat, Boots, sucks his tail every night and has since the day we brought him home/took him from his mother too early.
45. I hate driving in the snow after years of grueling Syracuse NY winters, my nerves are just shot from them.
46. I drink around 150 oz. of water a day. That's down from almost 200 oz. when I was pregnant.
47. My favorite ice cream has always been Peanut Butter Cup from Stewart's but I don't like chocolate ice cream by itself.
48. I haven't slept more than six hours a night since my kids were born nine months ago.
49. I have been in and out of major credit card debt since I was 20.
50. I got a tattoo of a falling star when I was 18 and lied to my parents about it until my dad called me out on it after telling me he had a dream I did it and I couldn't keep myself from smiling.

To Be Continued...


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