May 5, 2014

22 Weeks!

I forgot to update last Wednesday when I hit 22 weeks. They were technically 1 lb. at our appointment at 21 weeks so they might be a bit bigger now but better late than never! They are kicking up a storm and actually woke me up from a dead sleep yesterday morning when it felt like they were trying to kick their way out! It's pretty cool that Dad and I both got to feel them kick at the same time. I missed out on some earlier movements due to the positioning of my placenta but now I know what the fuss was all about! Sometimes it feels like there's a soccer game going on in there!

I'm feeling great despite difficulty getting comfortable enough to sleep at night. Our bed looks like a fortress with all the pillows I have right now. I hope to get a body pillow asap. Thanks to this I have started having a small bit of coffee during the day just to make it through. Work is getting harder but only two more weeks left. As sad as I am to be leaving what I love so much I know it is best for me and the babies that I get as much rest and preparation done while I still can.


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