May 14, 2014

24 Weeks!

I can't find my camera to take a bump pic and they always come out bad from my phone but I really don't think I've grown much anyway. It's been an unveventful few weeks. Except for one thing that is:

We made it to 24 weeks!!!

Yes, that does deserve some old school bold, italics and underline effects.

You see, 24 weeks is essentially the starting point of true viability in most pregnancies. Babies have a higher chance of survival,with intervention, from this point on, until about 37 weeks when you are technically, safely full-term. This is especially wonderful for mono-di twins who seem to have a crazy way of coming super early. This isn't to say a baby born at 22 or 23 weeks wouldn't survive, just that the odds go way up after the 24 week mark. I am feeling so good and so happy we can celebrate this milestone.

Next is 28 weeks, where we start to exit the red zone and enter the yellow. 32 weeks is the start of the green zone and 35 is the goal.  Here we go!

The girls weigh 1 lb. 7 and 1 lb. 8 oz each, fluids look great, CPCs are all but gone and my cervix is measuring well. Baby A is head down and Baby B is breech but Dr. M assured me she would most likely turn.

I have been craving olives, raisin bran and big salads with cheese, olives and Italian dressing. I'm feeling really great and getting ready for my last day of work this Friday. It will be bittersweet and emotional but it's time to hang up my teacher hat and wear my mom one.


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