June 7, 2015

Happy Birthday to Me and Part 2 of My 100 Things!

Did you guess right?  I guess they kinda look a little like me. But only 'cuz we all have such cheesy grins!

So yeah, I am 31 years old today. That feels really weird to write. I don't think I'll ever picture myself as older than 22. I thought this might be a good time to wrap up my list of 100 things about me seeing as I'm getting old and my memory will soon be fading. Enjoy!

51. I use cloth diapers on my girls. You probably already know that one but just in case you didn't.
52. I just started going public with my blog and that terrifies me. I'm worried I'll censor it or something. Then I tell myself who cares no one remembers anything they read anymore. You'll be moving on within about 25 seconds anyways.
53. I seriously hate technology sometimes but would be dead without it.
54. I think I'd be really dead because I can't tell you the number of dumb things I've thought twice about doing ever since I could just google it. Vinegar and bleach anyone?
55. I got myself into major credit card debt during and after college. I'm still paying it off ten years later.
56. Most of it was dinner and drinks with friends and because of that I still don't regret it. I hate paying it but I'm happy for the memories.
57. I am one of those people who really believe everything happens for a reason and I'll sit and tell you all about the happy coincidences in my life that led me to you.
58. It took us almost 7 months to name the girls and we weren't sure on middle names until we met them.
59. As a baby name lover years before my own kids I take pride in knowing I picked great names that go really well together for twins and that they SO fit my kids. I feel like they would have picked them themselves.
60. I suck at keeping friends. Like I'm really bad at it. I'm sorry for that.
61. I curse my babies out sometimes when they're driving me crazy with alternating crying all night long.
62. Then I feel bad and give in and bring them into our bed and feed them. Because they're so friggin cute how could I ever be mad at them? Just as I write this, one of them is protesting bedtime and dad is desperately trying to get her to go back to sleep. She's winning.
63. When I was 21 a co-teacher at the daycare I worked at slapped a child. I didn't see it but heard it and immediately documented it and told the director. She was reprimanded and nothing else was done until I told another co-worker who reported them to cps and then quit. They were cited for multiple violations and I quit two months later after they made working there unbearable. I really loved that job.
64. My first car was a 1998 silver Chevy Malibu named Malli. Yup, Malli the Malibu.
65. I think pizza is the best food ever and could probably eat it every day.
66. I have a huge family and although planning events (such as the first birthday coming up) is crazy sometimes, I swear it makes these things more memorable and fun.
67. I hate when people say something and no one acknowledges it. I hate when it happens to me and to other people so I'll always respond to people even if it's just a "Yeah".
68. I guess you could say I don't like awkward silences either so I tend to talk too much.
69. People have told me my blogs are too long. I'm working on it but I have a really hard time editing myself. Anyone want to edit for me for free?
70. CJ and I were married an a 160 year old barn that had been restored into a gorgeous venue. It was amazing.
71.  We met in a 1 year old hole in the wall bar in Syracuse. Huh, that's like a metaphor for our relationship. From young and dumb to old and distinguished.
72. I have to eat ketchup with eggs. I don't think I really like eggs, I just like them with my ketchup.
73. The girls were born exactly one year, one month and one day after our wedding day - June 29, 2013 and July 30, 2014.
74. I haaaate that my kids were born early. The only good thing so far is that they stayed littler (and more newborn-like) longer. Although there were times when I hated that too!
75. I grew up on Sausse Ave. and in elementary school purposely spelled the word sauce wrong on a spelling test. My teacher gave me credit anyway! See, sometimes my antics paid off.
76. Speaking of grade school my favorite teacher of all time was Miss Crowley in 4th grade. I still remember her smile and how much fun we had over 20 years later.
77. My favorite number is 7. Probably because I was born on June 7th (that's today!) so if you're still reading (remember 52?) be sure to send me a gift!
78. My sister and I are 14 months apart and that was such a blessing in disguise when we were growing up.
79. I have the best husband ever. He just got my baby to sleep and is now doing the rest of the dishes (even after he had a long day) while I write this (I had a long day too) and helping me come up with things about me. He's awesome.
80. I have a partial denture because I have horrible teeth. I do brush them, I swear. They've just always been bad. I used to be humiliated but now I own it because at least I'm not suffering with rotting teeth like a lot of people.
81. I really believe in good karma and do things all the time to increase mine. My life, while far from perfect, is pretty damn great most of the time and I'm pretty sure the two are related.
82. My lazy eye makes me extremely clumsy, uncoordinated and a downright danger to myself and others. I don't have depth perception because my eyes don't really work together so I fall constantly. People think I'm just a clutz but really I didn't see the freaking step. It's my fault they're all the same color! Don't even get me started on the tile stairs like at the mall.
83.  I knew a boy in middle school who is now in prison for killing his aunt. We weren't friends but one day I fell while trying to get to the bus. It was a bad fall and I was mortified. Would you believe he was the only person who stopped to help me?
84. I truly believed in the power of the ouija board after a few crazy experiences as a kid. Now I'm not so sure. But no one will play it with me anymore to test it!
85. I cry way too easily.
86. I have a B.A. in Psychology from Le Moyne College. And I'm a stay at home mom.
87. But it wasn't a waste of time as I met some of my best life long friends there and had the most amazing experiences!
88. I have a serious problem with starting projects and never finishing them. Like CJ's father's day present, the girl's photo albums, my living room photo wall and my ancestry stuff.
89. I can name almost every single teacher I've ever had.
90. I love coffee.
91. Before meeting CJ I had the worst diet ever. I survived on pizza, chicken fingers and french fries with the occasional breakfast sandwich or hot pocket thrown in. I have no idea how I am not obese or deathly ill.
92. I am a mutt. A mix of Italian, Irish, German, Polish and French.
93. Every job I've ever had was caring for other people. Starting with working as a dietary aid in a nursing home, then a babysitter, daycare teacher, nanny, back to daycare and now stay at home mom.
94. My favorite actress is Audrey Hepburn.
95. My favorite movies are Great Expectations, Labyrinth and Breakfast at Tiffany's.
96. I used to drink Franzia Sunset Blush boxed wine in college. A lot of it.
97. I've talked to my Dad every single Thursday night for over 5 years. We've only missed a few conversations in all that time.
98. I still want my mom when I am really sad or sick. And I still call her if I can't sleep and it's not too late.
99. I can't believe I have breastfed twins for almost a year of my life and I feel really accomplished and proud of that fact.
100. I also can't believe I came up with almost 100 things about myself. Or maybe just 99, I don't think this one counts.
101. Just for good measure. I love my life and I am truly blessed.

Happy Birthday to Me! I hope you all enjoy my birthday weekend!



Unknown said...

Number 76 made me cry and number 85 made me laugh!
Number 102 should be that you have a very good memory.
And by the way you still make me smile, too.

Maigen said...

<3 <3 <3!!