June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

I wasn't in the mood to do a sappy first Mother's Day post for myself this year but CJ isn't going to get off so easily.

If I have learned anything in the last year it's that you never really, truly know someone until you watch them become a parent. CJ and I have been together 8 years and in just the last 18 months I have seen him become someone I barely recognize - in all the best ways. I won't go into much detail but suffice to say he is one of the strongest, sweetest and genuinely loving fathers I have ever seen. We went to hell and back between the anxiety of the pregnancy, the major surgery delivery and then the NICU and he never so much as questioned any of it.

He's the reason I'm still sane, the reason I get to sleep ever and no matter what is going on I know that I have him to support, love and encourage me and my babies. I owe him so much and although I could try I doubt I could put into words how happy I am to be able to be the mother of his children.

So I'll just say Thank You:

For all that you do for us, every single day, for the sacrifices you've made and the hell we've all put you through (and to think it's only just begun).

For sitting up with me all those nights feeding them and for filling up my water bottle at least a million times in the last year and a half.

For reminding me to breathe and giving me a break when I need one.

For picking up after us, cooking for us and keeping the house well stocked with alcohol.

For working your a** off six days a week so we can have what we need and I can do the most important job of raising our babies and for not even batting an eye when we realized this was how it had to be.

For loving our babies so fiercely and making sure they know it and feel it every day just like you make sure I do.

For being patient with me as I try to teach you things and offer lengthy explanations for why I want you to do or say certain things.

For supporting the way I choose to parent including cloth diapers even though you have to wash them sometimes and encouraging baby led weaning even though it scares you to death.

For being my partner and sticking by my side even when I'm so bitchy from exhaustion you want to toss me out the window.

Thank you for committing your life to our babies, as you did to me, and being there with a smile no matter what life throws at us.

I truly believe that if every child in the world had a father like my girls do the world would be a hell of a better place.

So, on your first Father's Day, thank you so much for everything.  We hope you have the best day and we all love you so much!!!