July 9, 2015

First Birthday Party Planning/Why I Might Go M.I.A. Soon...

Oh my. We are a little over 2 weeks out from the girls' first birthday and I'm quickly getting overwhelmed. I don't know how I managed to plan and DIY so much of a wedding with over 100 people just two years ago since the thought of planning a really simple kid's birthday party for 40 people is giving me such anxiety.

I decided awhile ago that in regards to modern first birthday parties we were not going to do much, at least according to Pinterest, Etsy and all my birth groups that is. No theme with elaborate decorations and props or themed food. No special customized outfits with their names or the number 1, no smash cake photo shoot (although they will have their own cakes at the party, mostly because I wanted to make a healthier one for them but who knows if that will happen), no goodie bags and no entertainment.

It's pretty much going to be 40 adults, my three year old niece and the girls just having a backyard summer party with some sandwiches and birthday cake. Maybe some bocce ball and a kiddie pool. Nothing like what you see when you google first birthday parties!

(oh and don't forget, I also put wishlists in my invitations. I know. Le gasp.)

It's not that I don't want to. Well, I guess that is part of it. I do think some of it is a little over the top. Especially since they aren't even really aware of what's happening and certainly won't remember it.
But really, I just wanted a small, fun, family get together with as little stress as possible. I remember the stress of planning my wedding. I kept cool on the outside (I didn't go Bridezilla like everyone expected me to) but on the inside I was pretty much freaking out. I do not want to do that to myself again.

The struggle is real though and the pressure to go big is immense. And now I'm starting to feel guilty that I'm not doing more, not making a bigger deal out of it, that I'm not even making anything. My sister made the invitations. I'm buying the decorations. Even the food will be catered because I really want us to be able to visit with our family and enjoy ourselves with our girls. I made everything for my wedding, I should at least try, right?

Vacation with Twins - definitely something I'll write about soon!
Grrr. I so didn't care about this a month ago but now it's starting to bug me. We're already at our max budget for food and I haven't even thought about the cake yet. The invitations only cost me $30 to print and mail shouldn't I at least take a stab at some cute decor? Maybe buy them an actual birthday present too? But then I still need to figure out how to provide seating and/or tables for all these people to eat at. Where am I going to get 40 chairs and some tables for less than $20? Here we go...

See, I have no idea what I'm doing. It doesn't help that I've spent the last week planning and preparing for our big Poconoes vacation this weekend. I am so excited to get away but kinda sorta wish it wasn't 2 weeks before the party.

I'm also realizing now that it will be too late if I want to order anything *special* like most people do. Like these chalk thingies I just found. Or these high chair tray banners. Or this photo collage. Or just about everything from this party. Damn you Pinterest! I'm not sure I'm crafty enough to make any of this. But I'm going to try something. Even if it's just for the cute pictures, since of course they're not going to remember it!

The good news is I have an incredible, supportive family that will help us both financially and creatively. Also, I work really well under pressure so I'm hoping next week as we get to crunch time I will really get down to it and get something, anything, done.

So tonight I am deciding to stop stressing about throwing the perfect party and instead focus on enjoying our vacation, catching up with my best friends from college and, sadly, taking a step back from blogging for a week or so (unless genius strikes of course).  When I get back I'll be throwing my heart into some special touches for my girls, making memory photobooks of the last year and, of course, spending every extra second that I have loving on my babies in the last weeks of their first year.

Don't go too far and be sure to check back soon for updates on how our vacation went, party planning and eventually our celebration!


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