July 24, 2015

I'm on Twiniversity!

I started my first daycare position when I was 19 years old. I knew next to nothing about proper childcare, I just happened to like playing with little kids and thought they were so cute. I also needed an easy job that worked around my class schedule and didn't require weekends. I had no idea how much I would grow to love it and all that I would learn over that time! Today, I've got my first article up on Twiniversity and I'm sharing all that I learned over the last 10 years about what good day care facilities and programs look like, along with with some insider tips as well! I hope I can help parents of twins and singletons alike find great, quality day care!

Check it out!

The Ultimate Daycare Guide - Finding the Best Center for your Twins


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Unknown said...

Very Good article! and very proud!