July 16, 2015

First Vacation in the Books!
(Plus a review of our Chargios!)

What a weekend.

They. did. awesome.

I mean it. I knew I had great kids. They're just really cool and chill and sweet and don't really cause too much trouble (yet). But they were amazing this weekend. Despite being in the throes of teething and separation anxiety, they were so cute and funny and, well, calm.

I think I just have awesome taste in friends because they just love every single one of them. All their Aunties. Liz and Caitlin were the only ones they'd met but they sat with and played with everyone. Liz and Elisha even changed some diapers - that was fun to listen to! They were just so comfortable with them and by the end, I was pretty sure I wasn't going to be bringing those babies home with me (don't worry, we did a head count before leaving).

First Pool!
They slept. I don't care if I'm jinxing myself for this week. I'm going to tell you that my damn babies slept while we were on vacation, our first one, far away from home. They napped like champs and slept through the night twice. We ran them ragged of course and thank God they aren't as cranky when they get tired anymore (and that I can just drop some food in front of them when they cry).  We all missed Daddy a lot but I never felt like I was on my own with them. Those are some good friends right there.

Our house was amazing and perfect except for the uncomfortable bunk beds (yay babies, I got to miss out on those)! So happy we went with airbnb and not cabins or a motel. Our community was so quiet and relaxed, I swear it rubbed off on the girls, along with that fresh mountain air. We went to the pool and they loved it! We visited the beach and they sat in the sand. They wanted nothing to do with that water but neither did I really. We went to a fabulous little animal park called Claws 'n' Paws. I don't think they really had any clue what was happening but they were super chill and just taking it all in. They struggled a bit at the restaurant when we went out but they were exhausted. If we end up in the Poconos again will definitely be going back to Overboards Restaurant though, delicious food and great people. And while the car ride down to PA was a little rocky the ride home I learned that actually stopping, getting out of the car and eating properly is the key to a good road trip. Sure it added 45 minutes to our trip but it paid in dividends with the lack of crying!

The girls with all their new Aunties - MoMo, LizzyBeth, Caitlin, Elisha and Sarah!
And of course, my friends. My incredible, sweet, hilarious and adoring friends. We are a unique bunch but when we get together it's always the absolute best. I wouldn't have changed a thing except maybe stayed a day or two more, and had our one missing bff there (she's 8.5 months pregnant, she's got an excuse). Other than that it was the best weekend I've had in a long time!

It's a good thing I was given the chance to review the Chargio 3-Port Car Charger in exchange for trying it out! I don't usually have more than 2 devices to charge at any time so this gave me a chance to really use it. Seriously because me being the brilliant person that I am packed my cell phone charger the night before and loaded it into the car. Great way to start a road trip with no phone! I just plugged it into the car and was able to charge my SpeakStick (which we used for bluetooth when we couldn't get either of our phones to connect to the car) and Liz's phone too, which had the podcasts while my phone navigated.  It was perfect!

My friends and I used the Chargio 3-Port Wall Charger too of course! We were always listening to music and taking tons of pictures with our phones so I just set it up in the living room or on the deck with some USBs and people could charge up if they needed. My only issue with the wall charger is that I can never get it into the wall without knocking down the prongs. No big deal, but I tend not to look at what I'm doing and never turn on the light when the girls are sleeping so it was a pain to plug in at night in my room! Both chargers work really well and are super fast so we never ran out of power despite using our phones all the time!

First beach and back together in one egg at the animal park!

I am loving that the last month of the girls' first year has been so full of firsts! Starting with their first road trip and fireworks and visits to two lakes, then their first vacation/girls weekend, first swim in a real pool, first sandy beach and first zoo. It's been an incredible couple of weeks and while I think about it, I am so happy and yet a little bit sad. Two weeks from today our babies turn one. I can't believe it, truly. The days have been long but man, that was the fastest year of my life. Now it's time to get down to planning the best first birthday for my chicas!


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