July 7, 2015

What We Did Last Week (Week of 6/29/15)

More celebrations and family parties and our first First Birthday celebration!

What a week! Mom's exhausted. We had our anniversary lunch at Slidin' Dirty (they're amazing and they catered our wedding!) then Papa T's birthday party on Thursday and the 4th of July at Grandma's on Saturday!

Outside and Nature

It was a really rainy, yucky week so we didn't get outside much. Thankfully the weekend made up for it. We spent all day Friday and Saturday outside and the girls visited their first lake! We saw a heron and a duck and they thought the water was awesome.We had a great time celebrating the 4th and their birthday with family including GG and cousin Rick!


Right now they are loving dropping things inside one of the many containers we have and pulling it right back out so they played a lot with the buckets, yogurt containers, a big coffee container, even our heavy duty glass cups. I gave them letters, tops and links to drop in and pull out. Jules also learned that her voice sounds different when she talks into a cup and is doing it to everything!

They also had fun with exploring texture. This took no planning at all but they did it forever - I laid three blankets made of different materials out and put some small toys in the middle. They went right for the toys but then discovered the blankets and started touching them, balling them up and playing peek-a-boo with them. They even switched blankets so I think they recognized that they felt different. I came out of the kitchen at one point and they were just laying on them next to each other! So funny!

Music, Movement and Games

This week we listened to some Classic Disney, Mom's Glee mix and Pentatonix. I was feeling a lot of feelings this week so I needed to sing a lot. They don't seem to mind yet.

The only thing I have to do to facilitate movement these days is open the gate. They're off like race horses. I let them explore a ton now since the house is fully baby proofed except for one room we don't spend time in. We also do obstacle courses often now that they're interested in going over and under things. It's a blast as they love it but especially since when they're done and I'm exhausted they will go happily back into the play area and they sleep so great!

They are loving Pat-A-Cake and just started really looking when I point so we're doing lots of "What's That?" We're still not saying or signing real words but they understand cat, ball, Dad, Mom, book, milk, eat, more, peek-a-boo and bottle. Jules will sign more and milk when she feels like it, which is never in front of other people lol.

They're starting to interact so much more with each other and even developing their
 twin language! It's crazy sounding but it's clicks! They sit there in their cribs in the morning or while playing alone and we hear them clicking back and forth with their tongues or blowing raspberries.  Once we talk or they see us they stop! I tried to get it on video but they always know! They've also started hugging and kissing each other.

Favorite Toys: 

Containers and every thing you can drop in and take out of them!

The furniture - They're exploring every bit of furniture we have in every way - trying to lick and chew it, cruising on it over and over and trying to go over, under or around it. Nothing is safe anymore and the kitchen looks like poltergeist after they've been in there "helping" me cook.

Books - They love to go over to their book shelf, pull up and find their photo album, Peek-a-Boo or Farm Animal books (their faves!) Sometimes I'll just catch them flipping through the pages over and over and Jules is now giving kisses to all the babies in the peek-a-boo book!

Favorite Books:


See above!

Next week we hope to get in some pool time with the heat coming!


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